Benefits of Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Cases



I’ve been using the uptown18 case for the iPhone 6s Plus for a noteworthy long time, up to this point it’s worked out unprecedented for me. It looks incredible, it’s for the most part thin and light, and it makes my unsafe iPhone 6s a great deal less requesting to hold and use.

I have endeavored distinctive iphone cases, however by some methods I for the most part end up back at Apple’s cowhide case. It isn’t so much that diverse cases are terrible, yet when in doubt I just lean toward the ease of Apple’s cowhide case.

For example, I endeavored the Otter box Defender case a while back and it was fantastic in some ways. The Defender offered prevalent protection for my iPhone 6 cases, in any case it also incorporated an extraordinary arrangement an over the top measure of mass and weight. So I finally dumped it and did an inversion to Apple’s cowhide case.

I understand that a couple people will rebate Apple’s uptown18 case since it offers an irrelevant measure of protection. It is decently thin and there’s no screen cover bundled with it like you get with the Otter box Defender.

In any case, for me the Apple uptown18 case offers basically enough drops and rubs security without disturbing me with a ton of weight or size like with various cases. It sort of hits the sweet distinguish all around for my iPhone 6s Plus.


So when I incorporate everything up, the Rs. 495 for the Apple uptown18 case is a truly better than average course of action. I get a case that still disregards me the iPhone 6s Plus all through my pocket easily, also makes it more straightforward to hold and use without extra mass. Moreover, Apple’s cowhide case offers in any occasion some affirmation against damage from impromptu drops of my iPhone 6s Plus.

If I guaranteed an iPhone SE or 6s, in any case i’d settle on Apple’s cowhide case. All that I said with respect to the 6s Plus shape in like manner applies to the tinier iPhones. Apple has made a fine appearing as to in giving customers an appealing and extremely helpful case at a sensible cost.

What do other Apple customers think about its cowhide iPhone case?

Regardless, what do other Apple customers consider the association’s genuine cowhide iPhone case? The topic came up in a late string on the Apple sub reddit, so I’ll forsake you with a selection of comments from iPhone proprietors. Apple iphone 6s covers and iphone 6s plus cases protect your iPhone.


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